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Jul 20, 2022 · The final confrontation between Makima and Denji began in the final chapters of Part 1 of the manga. Makima covers her injured hand over Denji’s mouth and holds it for a few moments as about two dozen members of public security levitate after her, chains appearing and pulling away from their chests, binding them to Makima. Dec 7, 2020 · With Denji taking Makima into his body, he's getting a twisted version of his dream to become one with her. Fulfilling the base desires for his hunger and sensuality that has been driving him. Jan 29, 2023 · Denji eating Makima in Chainsaw Man (Image via MAPPA) Gruesome events and unapologetic gore are hardly shocking to Chainsaw Man fans anymore. This includes scenes of Devils eating other. Denji cannibalising Makima is actually really fucked since he'd have to eat literally every inch of her to be on the safe side. Someone should check Fujimoto's basement. The icon of Makima simping and sin • 2 yr. ago Makima hair needles yay sssssammy He savor the ass part, that’s for sure. Cakes is delicious. Dec 19, 2022 · Yes, Denji eats Makima. It looks delicious. When it is revealed that Makima is, in fact, the Control Devil, Denji must put his feelings aside for her, defeating her in a bloody fashion to put a. Jan 2, 2023 · Denji ate Makima because he wanted to become one with her. He did not ingest her with the intention of attacking her or killing her, but out of pure love; and this exploited the possible loophole in the contract that the Control Devil had with the Prime Minister of Japan. Jan 28, 2023 · Yes, Denji is eating Makima, but since he's not doing it as the Chainsaw Devil, we don't know if it'll actually be effective in permanently erasing her from existence. Even in tiny pieces, it's possible that Makima can come back from this. After all, there's still the contract she had with the prime minister of Japan. Then it hit me. Denji ate Makima and not the control devil specifically. His intention wasn’t to consume the Control Devil but to consume Makima. The language used in the final chapter reinforces this, as Denji talks about “ (eating) her to become one with her” and so on. Makima is a Devil resembling a human woman in her twenties of marginally above average height (168 cm/5'6" [1] to 173 cm/5'8" [2] ). She has long light red/pale auburn hair, normally kept in a loose braid with bangs reaching just past her eyebrows and two longer side bangs that frame her face. Denji ate parts of Falling and that did not make her disappear or either weaker, having her respawning in his stomach, making a huge hole in his stomach. This leds to info n°2 Makima could've revived if the person eating her didn't do it out of love, in the same fashion Falling did.