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Short Answer. If your prospective employer does a comprehensive background check on you, or Onlyfans has sent you a 1099-NEC tax form (because you’ve earned money with it), your Onlyfans account may show up in a background check. You can monitor your own background checks using services like Beenverified.com. They are pretty complete. If I was a creator and wanted to maintain the highest level of privacy, I would set up a LLC. Depending on the state, you could do it for a few hundred dollars, and you may be able to save on taxes depending on how much you make. The answer to this question is yes, OnlyFans does appear on a background check, especially if you have filed taxes. One thing to keep in mind is that while OnlyFans performers are not required to have a background check, the site reserves the right to conduct one at any time=. Dec 10, 2022 · In conclusion then the answer is no – onlyfans does not show up on background checks but this doesn’t mean users should freely share their account and activities online with everyone knowing who they are! Related Read: How to find someone on onlyfans? Does my OnlyFans activity appear in an employment or security background check?. Yes, your OnlyFans account can show up on a background check if the prospective employer ran a comprehensive check, and you have received a 1099 tax form from OnlyFans. But for the most part that’s not likely. Unless the job you are applying for is restricted or regulated, most employers, especially smaller ones, will just run a basic. Aug 1, 2020 · That could open up the floodgates to foreign influence along with foreign contacts (good luck asking your FSO if you need to report your ‘fans’ on the SF-86). Like with all other social media platforms, OnlyFans creators’ accounts could easily be hacked and their content leaked online. It will show up on your background check because of taxes. But it isn’t necessarily a red flag. Most employers won’t care or even look twice at it. It will really only possibly come up as a problem with jobs that involve the government and children. Also, onlyfans isn’t a strictly sex work website. Oct 28, 2022 · Does onlyfans show up on a background check? It depends. If an employer is conducting a background check through a third-party service, OnlyFans would not likely show up. However, if an employer is looking at an applicant’s public social media accounts, OnlyFans content could potentially be discovered. No, it doesn’t show up. But many companies will look you up on the internet. Just depends on how they want people to represent their company. I wouldn’t worry about it though. angelxy1 • 1 yr. ago That s okay i remain anonymous and when i put my face into content i use blue wig all my concern was background records KlubKelli • 1 yr. ago.