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  1. leona

    Цена-Price - a form of expression of the value of goods, manifested in the process of their exchange. The form of expression of value can be not only monetary, but also natural, and interest, etc. The decisive moment in understanding the category "price" is exchange. Scale and intensity of exchange predetermine the scale and objectivity of pricing. Thus, under the conditions of an administratively regulated economy, it is wrong to use the concepts of "land price", other natural resources, labor, which are not objects of sale and purchase. In the conditions of a market economy, when most of the goods and services are objects of purchase and sale, pricing is also much larger.

    In the case of the main (commodity) market, the wording is most often used: price is a monetary expression of value. This is considered fair, since under the conditions of the market of this type, basic (cost) factors still operate and in the vast majority of exchange transactions a monetary valuation is used.

    Due to the fact that the theoretical interpretation of the price is currently a controversial issue, a more simplified formulation has also become widespread, according to which price is the amount of money (goods, services) for which the seller agrees to sell, and the buyer is ready to buy a unit of goods or services .

    Of course, it is possible to propose other formulations of the "price" category as applied to modern conditions. A better understanding of this category will help analyze the price functions.

  2. Женя

    Обычно покупал аналогичные препараты в секс-шопе, но они дорогущие, да и эффект не всегда был такой, как мне того хотелось. В Молоте Тора меня привлекла цена, поэтому и решил купить. Ну что сказать? Все супер, даже не думал, что будет настолько круто!

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